Toga From Everyday Wear to Prestigious Clothing

Hi guys, have you guys heard the word toga yet? Or maybe you’ve worn it before? For those of you college children, wearing a toga is a dream, because toga is an official dress at graduation, where graduation is a marker of the end of the study period.

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This hat is square in shape and has a dangling rope, becoming a symbol of one’s graduation. The hat, which is equipped with a cloak, is usually worn during graduation ceremonies. Toga, which is known today as the official dress at graduation, turned out to be the daily clothes of the Romans, loh, the Romans thought that toga was the most appropriate clothing to be used in open space.

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History of Toga

The word toga comes from the Latin word tego, which has the meaning of closing. Although the toga is better known to be related to the Romans, it actually comes from the robes worn by the Etruscans, the natives of Italy, who occupied Italy since 1200 BC. The presence of the toga dates back to the reign of the second King of Rome, Numa Pompillius. At that time, the toga was not yet in the form of a robe, only a cloth with a length of 6 meters was only wrapped around the body. At that time, wool was used as a material for making toga.

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Over time, the use of toga as a daily dress, began to be abandoned, replaced with sagum, a coat made of wool, which was more practical. The use of toga began to be replaced by clothing such as coats and other buttoned clothes. Although abandoned as a daily garment, around 44 BC, the toga was later used as the garment of the imperial court.

This shift in the function of the toga as a daily garment is the beginning of the transition of the toga function to a more important stage, namely to become the clothing used during ceremonial events. Even today, toga is synonymous with academic activities.

Toga as a Graduation Symbol

The use of toga then also played an important role in symbolizing one’s graduation in pursuing education starting in the 12th and 13th centuries. Its use began in universities founded by priests in Europe.

At that time the dogma of the church had a great influence on the world of education. Students at the university often wear colored robes and head coverings. Robes and headgear are symbolized as a form of one’s intelligence and as a differentiator between the educated and the common people.

In medieval times, the use of robes and toga as a graduation symbol began to be used also by some universities. The universities that first legalized robes and toga as official academic attire were the University of Oxford and  the University of Cambrige. The use of this robe is also a form of equality between students.

The use of robes and toga continued to be adopted into official clothing used in academic affairs until colonial times in America. However, when the civil war was over, its use was limited to graduation ceremonies only.

Since then, the tradition of wearing robes and toga has continued to develop, so it has become important in the event of a person’s imprisonment on his graduation day. Graduation robes and toga are not only clothes during graduation ceremonies, more than that, they become a symbol of the pride of someone who has successfully completed their education.

It’s also a long way, guys, the journey of robes and toga that we now know as graduation clothes, it turns out that clothes that originally functioned the same as the clothes we wore a day, now, robes and toga have become prestigious clothes, which are only used by the educated.